Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bakuen Kakusei Neverland Senki Zero Stage 1-5

This is the last area for Stage 1 Hiro Route. Most at end of it are mainly boss fights (odd enough, a certain stage had 4 areas...) and it gets even more shitty at the later stages.

Description from YouTube

Too easy. That's all I can say...and thus concluding Stage 1 of the game. One down, 5 more to go!

And the next Skill will be explained at Stage 2-1!

Yes, the Whirling Slash is a cheap shit Skill making it useful on a certain boss (hell yeah, baby). Explanation of the skill will be later so I'll zip my mouth about it. Getting S on all Stages will be a pain in the ass achievement, even I have A's and S's the overall will be still goddamn A (even on Hard)!

I might try to make a Skill Exhibition (Hissatsu maybe added also) on her once I got all of her Skills, I'll just have to pull it off on a stage free of monsters (except I need a monster for the last Skill).

That'll be my rants for today!

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