Monday, December 18, 2006

Hijinx at night....

Currently listening to Strawberry & Lion by Sophia
I'm feeling stuffed by the pizza!! *burps*
Watching my sis play Battle Stadium D.O.N [Dragonball, One Piece, Naruto]

Wala akong magawa ngayon kundi maghintay matapos yung tatapusin ko....T.T It takes forever! DAIKIRAI!aaarrrggghhhhhh *blasts* XD oh yeah, I put some picture in my background and it's Akiha-sama! I'm not worthy!! lol
More from our superiority, asscracks!! lol (again!)

She captured it with the flash on....not bad for me....*sees Naruto blocked by the light* lol

Better! Turned off the flash...we got this game the same day we got Melty Blood Act Cadenza

She was 'chou-genki' after getting this game...the day after we got MBAC and BSDON...

Same as the Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection game, this game is what she waited...

And now for some MBAC stuffs courtesy of kon and kai.....

Survival Mode vs. Ciel-senpai, being bitch-slapped by Shion's Etherlight Air in the air (kai's favorite move)

vs. Warakia, trampled by Shion's Slide Air (Kyou)...insulting kai's opponents using that move by pressing left or right during Slide Air.....hehehe

After Stage 21

Her ass got kicked by Shiroi Ren....smiling while saying "WTF!"

"Only 36 Hits!? Another WTF...." and she couldn't even handle the truth....XD

this ends my crazy superiorities and what not....till then, ja mata!

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