Saturday, August 18, 2007


Still alive here, and to all anonies who drag themselves here thank you!!

So far, busy at work, weather sucks cock, ordered a tablet (4x5 Wacom w00t!) and planning to make sprites... *cackles*

I'mma making a kiriban when 1.5k hit pageviews hits!!

Games? Well since we said to ourselves that we're not going to order after SRW and P3:FES arrives, we downloaded some PS2 games (2 Shoot 'em ups and one fighting), The Rumble Fish, Mushihime-sama and Espgaluda.

Mika-nee told to oyaji that I have a credit card (ONOZ! D:) But he (oyaji) told me that as long I can pay the bills and not over-limiting my credit, there!

Mom's actually been very nice to us, like, when we said that I'm going to buy a tablet but I haven't told her to that yet, she already asked that to me "Want ot buy a tablet? Sure." and I was like "Huh? Really!?" then I jaw-dropped to awesomeness. I also buy her some stuffs that she doesn't even asked (like....errr.....I forgot that one I bought to her... XD).

edit: DL link of BMW is down, here's an alternate link and no, it's not mine...go thank someone for the links!! D:

edit2: kweh, it's actually mika-nee who told mom that we're going to buy a tablet...

edit3: ahhh bullshit, part 6 and 07 of this DLs aren't upped yet....kasi, kung mag-shashare ka dapat tinapos mo na kung sino ka mang gunggong't kalahati ka...D:

Till then, maidoari! *bang*

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