Sunday, August 05, 2007

Nine hundred over!!

No, I did not make that maximum combo on Tales of Rebirth (I'm not that shitty enough to do it!). THIS is what I meant for 900 over!!

Spam A like shit!!! D:O

In other random shits....

Pokemon AGAIN!? Shit, I had enough of that crap and K-Zone still features that crap (the game is good but discussing/seeing it more and more definitely sucks)! Ohhh, I get it...maybe those assfags on pkmnph are goddamn happy that they still feature it and wants it more. I hope you fags are still happy as hell!! I'll end up kicking your asses in MBAC Ver.B Tag Battle! D:

Well, that'll be my rants for today!

edit: MBAC Ver.B Patch 1.02 is up. Find it on your own.

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