Sunday, August 19, 2007

Surprise bad guys!

Don't mind that shit I'm saying, I took that from the Fantastic Man (Mark Herras) live-action.

Finally, I found a forum that is made of muthafucking win and I found the rar file of Garo for the PS2 (along with some good Japanese games)! Oh, and some PSX iso also (Japanese also!) so maybe on October (or November depends on when we will go back to the mainland) I'll download those PSX iso (and I MEAN TALES OF DESTINY JP THEY HAVE IT!) and bring it home to the Philippines!! Some downloads have 7z format so maybe WinZip will extract that kind of extraction file...they don't have much games for now and I hope that more will share games in that forums!

If you want PS2 iso games,
go here. If you're lazy looking on the threads, here's the list.

Or if PSX is what you want,
go here. If you're lazy looking on the threads, here's the list.

Those links I provided are in lo-fi view which is good for navigation.

You don't need to register there, even though it's in fricking Spanish, just look on the games. Now, if they have Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria or Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua there...then I'm going to download Fighting for One Piece after Garo again since the rar file is on LA dammit...[>.>] and many in that forums are complaining that they shouldn't upload files using MegaUpload or MegaErotic (yes, it's a pr0n file hosting site so don't ask) and go for MediaFire and SendSpace instead. Wow they complain like mad...MediaFire is good and SendSpace sucks (expires on 1 week), I don't have problems on MegaUpload though.

Mom says it's ok for us to download those games and we're going to buy a case of DVD/CD if ran out...we still need to pay some unleft crap here. I deleted the MBAC Ver.B on the PC to save some Disk Space so it's ok by me (I'm going to play the one on the PS2).

Decided not to watch Garo (exception on Byakuya no Majyuu which we're watching last night, finished the first part), still fucked up on Episode 5.

That'll be my rants for today.

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