Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wow...after spamming Lament of Innocence for 2 days...

Holy shit I'm halfway through the game!! Just gotten White Orb after kicking Joachim's floaty lil' ass and the Frost Guardian chick bitch. And the fucking duplicating bitch works (and accidentally duplicated the Whip of Alchemy instead of the Sacrificial ass)! That asshole who provided it compressed it. Gee, thanks faggot! No music and cutscenes is all I got while playing (except on Ghostly Theater)...Oohhh, I didn't understand what the hell you're posting so tl;du (fucking Spanish speakers)... =/

The game's great even though it doesn't have the level-up system, just be alert and exploit weakness and you're all safe AND EXPLORE THE WHOLE GODDAMN AREA (even if you did the glitch)! There are other carpet glitches besides on House of Sacred Remains but looking on the message boards might do well...


Currently downloading the FULL game of LoI (with flooging music and cutscenes for chrissakes) and tomorrow I WILL FINISH IT!!!

That'll be my rants for today.

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