Friday, December 21, 2007

ABS-CBN you're laughing my ass

linking this to all of you to prove that Wowowee and host Willie Revillame is indeed a piece of shit in the noontime show history. Watch this clip and you'll be the judge:

See? Now me and Kai's thoughts are:

- Why are 0 and .5 are in one "gold coin"? Flipping Clutch manually anybody?
- Marielle you bitch the hell you're whispering at the contestant!?
- Huh? Why's there a cord at the back of the "gold coin"? *scratches head*
- Why would they rehearsed and scripted that shit...oh wait, I know!! PBB is also shitty scripted...ahhhhh~
- Decimal point of 5 is covered to make it 500k instead of 250k!! Wow...isn't this sad?
- Scripted also emotions!? Son of a bitch you've gotta be fucking kidding me...
- Lady Luck will be disappointed at you ABS...D-I-S-A-P-P-O-I-N-T-E-D!
- "Technical glitch"? Fuck you...the evidence is already there, see?
- Smart-asses on Youtube whoever commented are....idiots!! XDD
- Deserves to be awarded as "Best in 'Technical glitches' Award", congrats!!
- Whoever uploaded're made is sheer WIN!!
- Btw, nice shorts Willie...where didja get it? XDD

*whew* After seeing that, I never watched Wowowee anymore...I lost my respect...seriously...and I feel sad for the viewers esp. the poor people who participates, god and for TFC, just keep you fucking money in your fucking wallets!

till then, maidoari! *shoots ABS-CBN*

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