Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Liberation or Revolution? Which side are you on?

New Digivice called Digimon Twin L&R (or Left and Right) was released last March 24, 2007 along with the Special Version (image of Z'd Garurumon and Victory Greymon in L and R respectively) and they had a campaign last August called 'Digimon Twin Battle Tankei: Liberation (Kaihou) vs. Revolution (Kakumei)' and those who partcipated gets to have a Member ID depending what Digimon Twin they have and a chance to evolve their Digimons into Z'd Garurumon (Digimon L) or Victory Greymon (Digimon R) and gets to team up and battle with their fellow/rival soldiers of Liberation and Revolution. Then winner gets to have a Gold ID LR Member Card and a Digimon Next manga signed by the Author himself! Now ain't that awesome?

The good thing about Digimon Twin L and R is you can wirelessly (no need for Wi-Fi) make friends, battle and share(!) a huge food with your friend's Digimon! Guess the saying goes 'Share a seat and win a friend', eh?

I looked up on their channel site a while ago and they free wallpaper downloads! Oh, the joy...and the diagram evolution is pretty awesome too.

If you choose Digimon L: You get to breed a Beast-type Digimon (Gaomon or Gabumon) and can evolve to Z'd Garurumon if you participate in the Event.


If you choose Digimon R: You get to breed a Dragon-type Digimon (Agumon or Guilmon) and can evolve to Victory Greymon if you participate in the Event.

That would've been fucking great if we were in Japan. =\

In the US however, Digimon is seriously underrated (they don't sell Digivices here for chrissakes!) but they air Digimon Savers in Jetix (every Friday). Pokemon, on the other hand, sells Pokedex and it's plain retard like hell! I mean, c'mon, all the dickwad does is examine Pokemon and beran-beran like no tomorrow! Duel Masters also became underrated and started to disappear like nothing happened! How I wish Digivices are still sellable in Pampanga!

Anyways, that'll be my rants for today.

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