Friday, November 28, 2008

悪魔城ドラキュラ 奪われた刻印 - Brachyura, Wallman and Blackmore

Uploaded 3 bosses. One is pure awesomecity, one is a pussy while the other is total hell...all description were copy-pasted from YT.

One of the most tedious boss I ever encountered.

In the start, I provided 2 files showing you that I am currently working on them for boss fights. I had to work on this first before 753IXA.

Then again, this crab is weak to Strike so Macir/Burusare will work here or if you're not comfortable, go for Falcis/Falcus. Stay on the near left and drop down on the mini-ledge then start spamming it. If he ever sticks his right arm down, jump and he'll go ballista. The first and second thrusts can be avoided if you stay put but on the third however, lure him a bit then quickly backdash so he attacks the position you were before.

The second phase is the same as the first one. The third...well, just stay on the top ledge when he does the wall slap.

And therefore, quickly cling your way up to the top, on to the elevator and say bye-bye to Mr. Krabbs.

Checker Flag!

Do I need to describe this one?

This guy had many issues to me so I had to retry a lot to read his patterns.

Instead of Nitesco/Nitens, I switched to Ignis (though Vol Ignis dealt like 58 unlike Ignis which is 63) then equipped Onyx Pins to reduce Dark attacks since most of Blackmore's attacks deal Dark Damage. Also, equip Ruby Ring and other INT boosting accessories to input higher damage then Inire Sapies/Sapiens Fio for extra service.

On start, I started spamming Ignis then Glyph Gousei while he advances little by little then when he says "なかなか楽しみのかい!", attack him more then start evading his 3-hit combo (a pattern of high, low, high) while attacking and using Glyph Gousei after he finishes attacking.

Soon enough, he'll go down in no time flat!

Since the next area after Blackmore, it'll be a long stretch before facing off Eligor so maybe I'll work on G12ENJIN for the meantime.

That'll be my rants for today.

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