Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Campaign JISHUCHUU!!

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Meh, connections going WTF again...*whacks* dammit!! BTW before Mother's Day, Mom just gave us 2 MP3/FM players (seen on the bottom of the pic), dang we lurve it!~ X3 Sankyuu kaa-chan!~

imageshack is bitching me....might re-capped on those thing again...bitchy imageshack....>.>

but minus the 3 games there (from L to R: Rogue Galaxy Director's Cut, Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel and Xenosaga Episode III Zarathustra wa kaku katariki...import games FTW1!), we just capped also...para di sayang!! XD Used the almighty webcam here to do the dirty job...



yeah, they nominate me there...and vote me and you will receive a free HCGs of Arcueid doing smex courtesy of Tsukihime!! nyahahahaa...this is featured in my dA page!! Just kidding on the striked part and don't take it seriously you fuckers!

I don't like some of the members who were nominated but DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE NOMINATED!! I'll naming a few members:

- jmckenny (just bec. he was featured in K-Zone assload of times means that he's popular...what an ass!)
- chadrizard (the fucking n00b of KHQ since 2004, he phails...)
- halfpipe07 (should've been named as half'assed'pipe07 then who the fuck is this asscrack anyway and why nominate this n00b?)

and this is what they deserve instead:

For the "feeling nominated" award...

and to the fucking morons who plans to kick my ass out of KHQ: Too bad, I'll be still there whether you fucking like it or not!

till then, ja mata, maidoari! VOTE ME!!

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