Sunday, May 27, 2007

Random crap rants...

Currently listening to Angel Rock-and-roll by Angel-tai
Watching Digimon Savers Ep.26-33 via crunchyroll
Feeling going back on my fandom and my twin did a marathon on
Crunchyroll, Digimon Marathon and TRICK Season 1 Marathon w00t!! XD So as going to the Digimon Channel site where the crappily got it (at last after a year of screwing it), the Digimon Font...*tears of joy*

Well on Digimon, the very first one, I must say...why the fucking hell US edited and removed some of the scenes? Inappropriate for younger ones? Well yeah but that's bad for us Digimon fans...>.> then on Bokura no War Game, OMGWTFNAISU!! I saw what Sora said to Taichi on the Japanese version on the ending credits...kyahhahaha...Mimi got tanned ftw! On Diaboromon no Gyakushuu, hehe "Deji Deji, Mon Mon" kinda reminded me of YamaP's Del Monte Raku Beji CM (oh shi-)...then Taichi's and Yamato's name are on the meat list...XD damn, talk about crap shit hacking on what the virus did. Digimon Tamers Bousou Digimon Shinkansen, short but nice and Guilmon's voice is like WINNAH (Masako Nozawa btw) XD and lastly Digimon Frontier Movie, I can related this on Tales of Rebirth, humans and half-humans fighting for no as Digimon Evolution-X Movie, 3D OMG and yeah, this was adepted on the manga "Digimon Chronicle"...Alphamon pwnz!! \o/ so as Takayama Minami (Alphamon/Dorumon's seiyuu...Mithos babeh!)

Digimon Savers, Masaru Daimon is "Mr-I-like-to-scream-a-lot" (not to mention Soichirou Hoshi voiced this guy who also did Sanada Yukimura of Sengoku Basara who also likes to scream a lot...), Gaomon is like the Saber-esque attitude but minus Saber's eating habits so as his "Engrish perfect" accent LOL (not to mention also, he's Kazuya Nakai who also voiced Date Masamune of SB).

TRICK Season 1 = WINNAH also! Talking about *ahem* "glands" nyahahahaha...XD but nice trick revealing on what Naoko (Nakama Yukie) did so as Ueda-sensei's (Abe Hiroshi) reasoning...ESPER!!

Saw the Tales of Symphonia OVA Trailer on Youtube and I must say the animation's smooth and sweet, ufotable did an awesome job for this, hope us for Kara no Kyokai!! *runs in circles*

Watched also on iGMA, Nuts Entertainment, Alfred Vargas did the Harry Potter accent WTF!! XD XD XD So as Pekto's Hulk "transformation" LOL...

My crappy cbox is back with a little modifications...LOL go talk there like there's no tomorrow!!

Till then, maidoari! *bang*

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