Saturday, May 05, 2007


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And hell no, they're different for damnit's sake!! XD GETTO is for Miyako and KATTO is for Warakia/Kyuuketsuki Shion...ha! *stabs*

2 days ago, me and my twin sis walked our asses all the way from the Post Office (which is one mile away from our apartment btw) just to get all of our mails and what did we get: A piece of receipt on "how-the-fuck-are-supposed-to-do-with-this-little-shit" then we ask the lady at the counter, she then gave us the package from Play-Asia (XD) and we both go OMFSTHISISIT and went home. The games we got are Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel and Rogue Galaxy Director's Cut both in Japanese so STFU if you expect US version of this two...

there's still one left and that's Xenosaga Episode III (in Japanese also)...

Stuff capping-time! LOL

thanks to Mika-nee for buying the stuffs on the request list esp. the fucking F/SN Chibi Saber Gashapon (no disfigured version? LOL) and the Comp. Ace May Issue with free Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua Premiere Book so as the 666 Satan Vol. 1-3!!! *hugs to death* XD

Oh yeah, and the Takki and Tsubasa Jacket C as our gift on June...*hugs* how what the hell are we going to do on the Host Card? XD

and here's what Mika-nee capped on our stuffs and spoiling you 2 pics on the book itself: (OH YEAH, STEAL=YOU WILL FUCKING DIE!!)

Front Cover/Back Cover/Saber-Rin-Neco Arc-Saber on sleeping wear(?)/Saber-Archer&Saber

Too bad the camera isn't with us (Mika-nee has it when she left Alaska)...but when she comes back after a month, I'll be screwing you now as the 2 games that I'll order...T_T she'll be also leaving some of the stuffs we bought esp. the mangas...XD

just found this Kara no Kyoukai scans somewhere:

till then, ja mata!! *bang* maidoari!

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