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fags are fags, n00bs are n00bs period

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We had a fun chat on "Brachin" on our conversation regarding that we gave a pic that'll shock him (LOL) until I asked him on foruming... (we're jemmating_zidane while he's fuzzyslipaz) and I removed some of the uneccessary blipwahs...

jemmating_zidane: - mcdonald's new attire...
fuzzyslipaz: oh snap
jemmating_zidane: XD
fuzzyslipaz: hard gay Mcdonald
jemmating_zidane: LOL XD
jemmating_zidane: japan-only attitre XD
fuzzyslipaz: yah sadly
fuzzyslipaz: I'd so wear that
jemmating_zidane: XD
jemmating_zidane: "HG Brandy" LOL j/k
fuzzyslipaz: lulz that sounds hawt
jemmating_zidane: XD
jemmating_zidane: ne brandeh, i wanna ask something regarding on foruming
fuzzyslipaz: shoot
jemmating_zidane: i'm a moderator on some child forums bec. they say i'm responsible blah blah...
jemmating_zidane: through all of my foruming, there's this one member who likes to do joking even in some serious talks (like some member leaving in the forums etc)...
fuzzyslipaz: ok what forum is it?
jemmating_zidane: i tried to warn this member but he (he's a guy btw)...
jemmating_zidane: aa filipino forum for kids
jemmating_zidane: but they speak english btw...
jemmating_zidane: my 2 online friends left the forum bec.of that member...
jemmating_zidane: my name there is konreinokaze...the blue texted n00b there LOL
fuzzyslipaz: lulz
fuzzyslipaz: well then
fuzzyslipaz: ban him for a few days
jemmating_zidane: well, i also tried that but the admin warned me for bashing...
fuzzyslipaz: you can't bash someone if you're banning them?
jemmating_zidane: gave the admin some evidences, no hope for me...
jemmating_zidane: i was just warn them bec. they bash and spam...
jemmating_zidane: honestly, the admin isn't online often so s/he doesn't know what's going on...
fuzzyslipaz: I'd leave
fuzzyslipaz: for one
fuzzyslipaz: it sounds like an unorganized site to begin with
fuzzyslipaz: especially if the admin isn't on/doesn't know whats going on
jemmating_zidane: true...being a popular magazine for kids, the forum fails me...
jemmating_zidane: since I AM the ONLY moderator only online there (they pick at least...5-6 moderators including me...)...
fuzzyslipaz: I'd leave
jemmating_zidane: is spamming his/her official thread bad?
fuzzyslipaz: in most cases I'd assume
jemmating_zidane: locking it would be good since i don't have any powers to delete other member's massages...
fuzzyslipaz: yah
fuzzyslipaz: lock it
jemmating_zidane: yes!!
jemmating_zidane: in most one day on my foruming there, i lock about.....20+ threads that is made of phail
jemmating_zidane: and they don't even notice...XD
fuzzyslipaz: yah
fuzzyslipaz: that forum is made of fail
fuzzyslipaz: leave it now
jemmating_zidane: hahaha....true!
fuzzyslipaz: I can see why you're the only mod there
jemmating_zidane: yeah...
fuzzyslipaz: all the other mods realize "oh LOL this forum is fail"
jemmating_zidane: but there's also some mods helping me there when i'm not around...
jemmating_zidane: XD
jemmating_zidane: just like Roy Mustang in FMA...XD
fuzzyslipaz: lulz
jemmating_zidane: - Getbackers LOL
jemmating_zidane: but i differ the statement...
jemmating_zidane: "If I would to become an admin, I made some of the members there 'PHAILURES'!!" - sagittarius

fuzzyslipaz: lulz
jemmating_zidane: XD
jemmating_zidane: how many pages would a thread be considered as "spammed"?
fuzzyslipaz: look on SRM
fuzzyslipaz: and the Spam Lands
fuzzyslipaz: good example
jemmating_zidane: XD
jemmating_zidane: i'd look on Zaku's locked thread....XD
jemmating_zidane: locking failed threads....>.>
fuzzyslipaz: lulz
jemmating_zidane: i remember once someone asked me what "spam" means, i told that member "it was a piece of meat"....
fuzzyslipaz: lmfao
fuzzyslipaz: nice response
jemmating_zidane: then that member never asked me anything again...
jemmating_zidane: XD
jemmating_zidane: i'm the evil mod there...
fuzzyslipaz: well
fuzzyslipaz: on that forum
fuzzyslipaz: it needed it
jemmating_zidane: seriously since i've been too good, better get transformed into G-Akiha and beat the serious crap out of them...XD
jemmating_zidane: but some of the members there are nice and tends to follow...
fuzzyslipaz: but some mean more than the nice I assume?
jemmating_zidane: uh-huh...
jemmating_zidane: so as people "god-modding"....
jemmating_zidane: i kick their ass....
fuzzyslipaz: lmao

this guy can actually relate to my problem since he's a moderator on some forum also....he's a nice guy really! ^^

that ends my fucking rant as of now...and just look at my fucking title...

till then, maidoari!

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