Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bitchslapping away~

Seriously, me and kai can't stop laughing our asses after hearing nere-nee-chan's blog about the game called "Rose&Camelia" (a bitchslapping PC Doujin game) created by Nigoro...

here's what nere-nee-chan says on the story:

YOU play a girl named Reiko. You are a commoner. You live in the 19th century or so.
You married the eldest son (and apparently heir) to the noble family of Tsubaki Shouji.
Unfortunately, your dear dear husband DIED the day after you get married (WTF?)
Your husband's family HATES you to death.
They think your commoner blood pollutes their noble blood and does not acknowledge the fact that you are your husband's wife. They want to banish you.
But YOU, with your girlpower attitude, say NEVER!!! You are the rightful wife of your husband, and YOU WILL FIGHT BACK!!!

And so the battle begins... (the battle of bitchslapping that is!) And I mean it LITERALLY, coz you're slapping a bunch of bitches in this game!!!

If you wanna try bitchslapping this game, go click here and start bitchslapping!! D: *tries*

till then, maidoari!! *bitchslaps*

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