Saturday, July 28, 2007

Downloading Melty Blood Act Cadenza Version B!

Yes, someone with a big heart on SimulationStyle forums uploaded a DDL link of this game! I thank that member for upping it and he deserves a reputation! Even though the size is 389MB, I can endure it (playing emulated games while waiting) then after downloading the main file I will also download the latest patch the site has updated and the no-boot CD patch (which is a MUST have so it doesn't require the original CD to a placed in the disk drive)...ok, looking at his post saying that he includes the one I said before, so no downloading of those! Just an hour left and Imma playing this game for weeks!

Still buying that game online? I think we'll save the rest later...those assholes bought the Limited Edition like crazy!! XO

For those who use 56k and torrents are busted, go to SimualtionStyle and click on Download Heaven then look on the thread. I ain't providing you the link so search it on your own faggots!! D:[

Days ago, we ordered Super Robot Taisen Original Generations and Persona 3 Fes: Independent Starting Edition (I told ya I was going to buy this, goddamn fags of Atlus US delayed P3 until 8/14! Can't they just use their brains a little bit more?) and maybe on Monday, I'll go pick it up (so as Mika-nee's Naruto Shippuuden Master Book that she bought...I'm fucking lazy on playing the game).

Holy fuck, I need to work up on the movelist!!

That'll be my rants for today!

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