Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No more 'Freedom of Expression'?

*sadpanda mode*

So I heard the news on GMA that QCSHS suspended 4 students because of the stupid blog post they did, along with construct critcisms again their principal. I saw the student's account on multiply also:


http://reynaelena.com/tag/zenaida-sadsad/ - where I got the source upon searching
http://scientiaetvirtus.multiply.com/ - this multiply account has nothing to do with the 4 suspended students, read it before you rant a comment assfags...

About the controversy; uhh hello guise, the blog entry is out of hand against the school (you can sue it if IT IS THE SCHOOL'S BLOG but this isn't a school blog, an individual's blog.) and it's a freedom of speech to say what people wanted to say so don't take it seriously. DepEd = Dumb assholes (especially trying to petitioning Stock Exchange Lessons...bullshit). Period. Parents, I applaud your happiness.

I am also guilty that I ranted about my school way back on HS/College and never I was caught becuase I choose my words carefully even though I curse.

This is dumbest start of the year ever, srsly. Oh yeah, the Inauguration Speech bored me to death.

'till then, maidoari! *bang*

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