Monday, January 05, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Bosses Batch 3

At long fucking last, I managed to get through Dagon again (in an another file) and resumed the game as usual.

vs. Dagon

This water creature is weak against Lightning so Thunder Cross/Holy Lightning will be your bestfriend here. If he starts draining the water quickly jump up and hit him in the noggin with Jonathan's Rider Kick (Charlotte can't do Rider Kick WTH) whether you equip Spiked Boots (located in Nation of Fools) or not. And hell, he just got Rider Kick'd in the ass!

vs. Death (spoilers, obviously...)

Whatever you do, don't skip all of the scenes here or else see your save file kissing your ass bye-bye hehehehe...anyways, his Basic form is suspectible to physical attacks so have Jonathan do the work but if he goes into Mirage (don't ask) form, he's vulnerable to Magic spells so swap to Charlotte of he does. The mini-sickles are pratically annoying in here so take those shit out. His side slash attack is a threat so try to time your evasive manuevers...oh, and make sure if the four holes appeared, have Charlotte act as a bait so once she's caught in the chains, quickly call your partner to break it or else, you're screwed.

vs. Stella and Loretta (mini-spoilers)

2 vs. 2? Now that's what I'm talking about! If you want to witness the Bad Ending, just kill them, end of story. If you want to continue through, equip Charlotte the Sanctuary spell and Stonewall for Jonathan. When the fight starts, find a safe place to have her cast that purification spell then start acting like Kintaros/Dogga taking damage to their Ice attacks especially their combination skill 'Bakuhyou Giri' (deals extreme damage if left undefended) so have a little patience and luck, you'll make it.

vs. Whip's Memory

This asshole deals damage like you've never been dealt before but you can return later if you think he kicks your ass a lot. I used Voulge (Dark-based) and Paper Airplane so what I did is used the Paper Airplane to provoke him for using the Knife sub-weapon all the time then backdash and hit him. Just repeat the method and remember to avoid getting close to him or else he'll whip your ass. Most of his attacks are Light-based so you might consider getting the Holy Mail on Forgotten City or not but it's up to you...and his Grand Cross skill has invinciblity frames so don't bother attacking him. Upon defeating him, the whip's real power has awakened and ready to kick ass!

vs. The Creature

Oh goodie, Riki came along to play with them. So I just had this cheap shit method with the Vampire Killer after casting Dark Rift/Darkness Hole and what the hell, chipping damage ahoy! I can't tell how I did it so keep on casting Dark Rift to render his ranged attacks useless and evade his lightning attacks and his grab skill too.

vs. Mummyman

Use the Advent Card first then once he's stunned, use Dragon Rider Kick Final Vent and scorch his ass completely!

Er, wrong game, sorry.

Ok, Charlotte will be useful here but you will have a choice of either Salamander (purchase at Vincent's Shop for a whopping 200k) or Explosion (a hefty price of 10k) so I had no choice but to go for Salamander. The problem of it is, the casting takes a bit long so if bandage boy uses his Snake Bandage attack, quickly jump to the other side and cast it. Go for fucking Full Charge!! If he calls the cube above, evade it but if it revolves around you, go in the other side. If three large blocks is about to corner you, double jump it and cast it.

Just a few more bosses to go (Nest of Evil included) and I'm all through!

That'll be my rants for today!

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