Monday, January 12, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Brauner and Nest of Evil bosses (1st Batch)

The last 2 on Nest of Evil are giving me a shit...

vs. Brauner (no spoilers)

I had to skip the scenes so no spoilers...the moment he shouts "死の芸術!" (Shi no Geijutsu), he'll either make a bloody "X","=", "<" or ">" so dispose those quickly before one of the minions (either a floating head that causes Stone, 2 huge-ass starfishs look-alike that causes Poison or 2 'I-don't-know-what-the-hell-are-those' from top and bottom that causes Curse) of the portrait comes out. If one of them came out, time it and use the Grand Cross/Grand Cruz Dual Crush so you're free from any status ailments along with damage. If he says "これを芸術!", he'll be inside the painting and float around so don't get too excited whacking the hell outta it, he'll lunge towards you so jump or evade then keep on whacking him and use DC correctly.

After that, you'll be in the throne room and ready to kick his ass once and for all but let's try going for some lil' tasks first...and make sure to get the Speed Up/High Speed spell in the above ceiling to the room before Dracula's lair.

I had to clear ALL of the tasks in this section (Sorceress Crest and Magus Ring is a must for Charlotte!) and did the Task glitch until their Max HP and MP isn't increasing anymore...

vs. Balore

So here we are at Nest of Evil where the bosses came from Dawn of Sorrow (and some were on Symphony of the Night?) and some of them are a bunch of wussies. Like this guy, all he does is do a double punch high and low then an uppercut neither close or a bit to the middle and sometimes he does 'Shoop the Whoop' on his eye so get close to him and whack his face.

vs. Gergoth

What the hell...just slap Thousand Edge and Salamander, end of story. If however, you're completing this task by using Blank Book as Charlotte, have some equipment that increases her attack stat (STR Boost helps!) so she can deal the last blow with a pretty decent damage and check his total HP first before facing him then have Jonathan attack the beast but don't beat him too much, save the remaining for her and start attacking him. The gas he releases are a threat (green, violet and know the ailments) so double jumping is the key to this fight but the green gas has more range so swap to Jonathan and do the Griffon Wing jump.

vs. Zephyr

What can I say to this guy? This ass can Clock Up also (and fucking immune to it) so go double team (use Charlotte) and cast Salamander the moment you stepped in. If he dashes, double jump so that Jonathan attacks him. D-Vega Slash his ass and he's deleted.

vs. Aguni/Agni

Cocytus isn't working in here so Ice Needle is your best bet. If the beast flies up, he'll divebomb to where you are so quickly evade and double jump. Then he shoots fireballs from the ground so cast Full Charge Ice Needle and slap it in his face. Then the moment he does the triple swipe, evade or slide to a safe place. Yeah, I took too much fucking time here I got scared on getting hit >_>

vs. Abaddon

Screw shit Tempest, it's not fucking working anyhow >_>

Go for Stone Circle/Circle Stone (WTFH's with the changes) then call your partner to have extra damage. The locusts he calls aren't much of a threat to you anymore so give him all you got to this dumbass.

The last few bosses are:
- Fake Trevor, Grant and Sypha (Trevor = WTH)
- Doppelganger (Psh, what an ass to face him)
- Dracula and True Dracula (Ahoy for a lengthy fight, both Good and Best will be recorded)

So when that's done, I might record a Level 1 Hard Mode for this. Sisters Mode are a cheap shit so I won't record it...

That'll be my rants for today!

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