Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Nest of Evil (Last Batch)

vs. Fake Trevor, Grant and Sypha

I've been grinding a lot thanks to those shitty trio that I've been facing them back and forth many times...all three have weakness to Slash so either Tempest or Summon Gunman is great but go for the Summon Gunman while Jonathan should go for Alucard's Spear since Golden Axe is practically heavy and has a longer recovery time. Cast FCSG (Full Charge Summon Gunman) to hit either Grant or Trevor once they materialized and unleash Thousand Edge so Trevor gets hit. But be careful on his attacks especially Trevor's Cross (which I got hit by some fucking large cross the hell...) and Grant which he throws his knife while acting like a Spidey rip-off. Ignore Sypha for the meantime which she won't get close to you, just keep on using Jonathan with the Alucard Spear along with the critical skill so both Grant and Trevor will be hit. Once those two are down, hit Sypha behind so you're free from her ranged spells. Sometimes she casts a zombie Trevor so slap it then keep on smacking her with those weapons. Yeah, I used Greatest Five in there so don't even fucking ask...

When all that's done, you get to face the most dumbshittiest boss on Nest of Evil...

vs. Doppelganger

Want a real good laugh to that asshole? Before entering, pool ALL of their equipment (seen in the video but since Charlotte can't pool off her weapon, stick to her Encyclopedia or Blank Book) then switch to Charlotte so from there, the Doppel will clone her instead of Jonathan so once the faker is there, re-equip their stuff again (have Jonathan equip Berserker Mail and Golden Axe for a decent damage and make Thousand Edge as their Kyouryoku Waza), attack a bit then slap Thousand Edge, end of story.

And from that, you get the last Dual Crush skill: Greatest Five. And that concludes Nest of Evil but you can go in there as long as you like for grinding (with the Shaman Ring equipped).

Now, Dracula is the last from the boss list so I'll provide 2 videos from it: Good and Best (Best Ending might be only cutscenes or not, whichever shit I'd go for).

That'll be my rants for today!

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