Thursday, January 29, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Hard Mode Level 1 Boss Fight (1st Batch)

I wasn't able to provide much vids from Abaddon Ou due to some recordings on the TV so for the meantime, I played Portrait of Ruin and this time, Hard Mode Level 1 Cap (on New Game +, obviously). So on this challenge:

- You will get shitbricked A LOT compared on Normal Mode and you won't gain any levels once you chose a Level Cap of your choice. You need to plan and develop strategies in here so it's really not a cakewalk!
- Kyouryoku Waza/Dual Crushes do suck damage in here so it's very useless pulling it off. If you did though, you'll end up doing crappy 1 damage.
- Bosses are now pumped up greatly. Seriously, in a couple of hits = kiss your ass bye-bye. There are some bosses that act like a dumbass like in Normal Mode.

But the good thing is:

- You get to keep your previous stuffs on your last play if you managed to save up some cash or kept some good equipment/stuffs, you'll do fine but you'll end up getting creamed so stock up as much items/purchase any skills as you can.
- If you haven't mastered Jonathan's Skills, do it on Normal Mode instead but make sure you have equipped 2 Master Rings so the process of SP accumulation is faster.
- My recommendations are:

Weapon: Holy Claymore (for those weak against Holy)/Alucard Spear (for non-Holy brutes)/Awakened Vampire Killer (only after slapping Whip's Memory!)/Golden Axe (I really like using that shit so you can disregard this one)
Sub-Weapon/Skills: any Sub-Weapon/Skills you prefer
Armor: Ancient Armor (a must while traversing the area) [This nifty armor deals 10% of your Max HP so if you have 100 HP, you'll be inflicted with 10 all the time regardless of enemy ATK stat], Berserker Mail (always equip this for Boss Fights)
Head: Attica Helmet
Leggings: Samurai Leggings
Accessory 1: Miser Ring (only if you saved enough money, ATK is increased)/Assassin's Cape
Accessory 2: Same as Accessory 1
Dual Crush: Don't bother using them...

Weapon: Tome of Arms 3 or X
Spells: any Spells you prefer but make you have ALL of her Skills (excluding the event skills)
Armor: Dalmatica
Head: Arachne Hennin Holy Veil
Leggings: Succubus Boots
Accessory 1: Sorceress Crest (critically MUST HAVE so casting Sanctuary or any high level spells will be a piece of cake)
Accessory 2: Magus Ring (seriously, equip this or start suffering...)
Dual Crush: Neither this one...

Her equipment focuses mainly on INT so spells can deal more damage.

- As for Wind's Tasks, most of the are achieved (except the first one) but some you have go through a certain area and complete it so it's up to you if you want to complete it or not.
- Always have Jonathan as your main since he has the Ancient Armor while Charlotte doesn't and can get bricked real bad if you have her as main throught the game.
- Trust me, if you beat this challenge, a bigger reward is waiting for you.

So then, let's start!

vs. Dullahan

So I showed a second file here named "DECADE" (and yes, I did work the fucking emblem although it's not directly detailed) and I just re-touched the former JUSTIPHI file to a new profile.

He may be fast on jumping so Thor's Bellow = Pathetic ass.

vs. Behemoth

WTH...Salamander, end of story. If you're using Jonathan, Cross and Holy Claymore gets the job done.

vs. Keremet

Instead of moving the cauldron, have your partner provoke it, stand on the cauldron (not too close) and cast Cocytus like no tomorrow (but time it though...).

vs. Astarte

If you think that 2 Thousand Edges will throw her away, then you're an asshole...

This is where you get to test your switching skills by using Jonathan first. If she casts Temptation, swap to Charlotte and cast Tempest (then quickly backdash evade or jump) then swap back to Jonathan again. The key here is swapping them whenever she casts Temptation so basically she's not that hard to deal with.

So that clears the first batch of Hard Mode. I'll try to pile up some boss fight clips even more.

That'll be my rants for today!

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