Thursday, January 15, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Final Battle Good and Best Ending (Major Spoiler Warning)

vs. Dracula and Death (Good Ending, Spoilers obviously)

To see this ending, don't purify Vincent.

Grand Cruz/Grand Cross will probably be your key to this final bout and with some good evading skills on his bullshit second form, I took up too much damage and used GC to avoid some of his attacks. I used Jonathan here along with the Holy Claymore and Berserker Mail (which insanely increases Attack but greatly decreases Defense) and the Offensive Form skill to deal heavy damage on him. You can attack neither Death or Dracula since they both share the same HP so try attacking Dracula behind so that when Death is about maul you while attacking the bloodsucker, unleash GC though don't pull that shit off if he's on the edge of the area, just avoid their attacks and resume. If a bunch of mini-scythes form in a wavy pattern, use GC to clear the rubble and attack so once Dracula releases it, he'll go "WTF where is it?!". Oh, one thing to avoid: when Death turns into a scythe, get the hell outta there before you get creamed REAL bad.

The second form will make you go bullshit against him. If braces himself below, he'll do a tackle so Griffon Wing it but he might do it again the second time so evade it. If he's off-screen, he'll let his wings do the work so call your partner and attack BOTH wings (I mean it). Focus on one too much, the other will shake and OHKO both of your asses so attack them both once the other side knocked back a bit. If he spread his wings, he'll pull off some fireballs so go in between them and STAY IN THERE until he stops doing that crap. Just keep on GC-ing his ass (have Jonathan equip Magus Ring for an easy MP recover) and checkmate!

Best Ending (75% Spoilers)

I'm fed up beating the fucking shit outta him over and over so only cutscenes were if you wanna see this, cure Vincent.

With that, I'm all done with the Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Overall, it was a good game. Searching and beating the hell outta the bosses again and again so as the Partner System mixing and matching on who will be effective against a certain enemy then clearing tasks so as collecting all skills for the both, I had fun big time on this game but sadly, I'm taking a break on the game and resume playing Kuzunoha Raidou tai Abaddon Ou next week.

The end Justi-Φ's the means...

That'll be my rants for today!

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