Friday, January 02, 2009

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Bosses Batch 2

Goddamn fucking video memory card wiped out 2 fucking Dagon boss fight clips that I did last night so I have to do it all over again on the second file then continue kicking Death's ass later >_>

vs. Astarte

There are 2 versions that I did on Astarte: On the top is where Jonathan got charmed on attemps to beat the hell out of her but since I stripped our ALL of Jonathan's equipment, the risk was low but that ass sometimes cancel the chant which is fucking annoying so knock some sense into him by slapping Emerald Swallow/Gale Force on him a couple of times. Once he's stunned, face that bitch and cast Gale Force like there's no tomorrow. Eventually you'll get a mini dialogue between them where Charlotte got pissed off when he tries to kill her but then he apologizes. The bottom is the normal way on beating the bitch out. Normally, 2 Thousand Edges would bring her out of comission but it's a no-no for me...

vs. Legion

That ass is still the same on AoS and on DoS but still a bit dumber. White Fang/Ice Fang will strip off one of his lump of skins then once are all gone, have Jonathan attack it while evading the lasers and the others. Yes, I used the Holy Claymore here which made him totally broken but it was a fast fight somehow...

vs. Stella

Bringing Charlotte here is not a must, Stella will end up evading her magic so let Jonathan do the dirty work. Stella will drop on the ground and performs her Ougi: Reppa (奥義・裂波) so double jump it and quickly pull off Axe Bomber so it does extra damage. If you double jump, she'll pull off Shippuu (疾風) twice so plan ahead where. If you damage her enough, she start provoking you and does Kogetsu (弧月) then she'll place it randomly so try going either in the corner or anywhere where you can evade those freely. Oh, don't get too close to her or else she'll poke you with her rapier.

So that'll be my rants for today!

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