Sunday, February 15, 2009

悪魔城ドラキュラ蒼月の十字架 - パペットマスター

For now, here's Puppet Master.

vs. Puppet Master

I swear this guy's attack can deal hell damage even if I'm at Level 59 (had to max out Lilith, Killer Clown and Buel). To counter the mini dolls flying, I used Quetzacotl Soul instead of Buel (does goddamn crap damage even at max) then spamming Guillotine Devil as usual (and equipped some INT raising stuffs to deal extra damage). The dolls he has on his four hands will send it to the Iron Maiden and you will be inside it and poof, there goes the damage so go after that fucking doll and smack it. He might do it the second time so stop that ass from doing it again! I had trouble doing the Mafuujin so resorted to practicing it before taking him on. Once you're done with him you'll get his soul which Souma throws a doll and swap places. Pretty useful for evading purposes or on other areas.

The more new enemies show up, the more I will grind 'till I get them especially at the start, I nabbed the three star souls seriously rather than ignoring them so why not get them while you're in there? Even if I don't have the fucking Soul Eater Ring, I still have my patience to get those shits...and I still won't synthesize it unless I got the Chaos Ring so I will rely on the souls instead.

That'll be my rants for today.

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