Monday, February 02, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Hard Mode Level 1 Bosses (2nd Batch)

I decided to upload 4 clips for now and here's batch 2 bosses of Hard Mode.

vs. Legion

Psh. Salamander and have Jonathan do the killing, end of story.

vs. Stella (no spoilers)

The first play, Charlotte sucks but in this Mode, she gets to have a chance! Still go for that fucking Salamander FTW!

vs. Dagon

Full Charge Chain Thunder as fast as you can and before he drains all that shitty water, switch to Jonathan and Rider Kick his ass again.

vs. Death (spoilers, obviously)

Bullshit, I really can't skip this one since it can delete your save file as usual and screw fucking Ancient Armor, I decided to dare out equipping the Berserker Mail and got shitbricked many times. This dumbass casts more mini scythes in a fast rate so chances of evading it will be slim. So you see that I used Divine Storm/Hydro Storm DC here which does crapshit damage but I need to clear the whole fucking sickles that fly through so I can beat the shit out of him!

So when that's all done, I will focus only on CURING THE SISTERS! They're too fucking easy to beat and attain the Bad Ending so I will not include that, AND I will also record the True Ending ONLY. I will always upload 4 boss fights instead of the usual.

That'll be my rants for today

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