Saturday, February 28, 2009

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Nest of Evil (Normal Mode, the whole shit)

I ask myself: "Ilang minuto ako tatagal sa buong lugar ng hindi bumabalik sa umpisa?" so to find out how, I loaded my JUSTIPHI file.

Total time: 12 minutes 15 seconds
(all the way on the last room but trimmed it thus the vid ended up at 12:10)

And yes, I used some songs from Kamen Rider (4 of them in order) and they are:

Elements by Rider Chips feat. Ricky (Kamen Rider Blade)
Justi-phi ~Accel Mix~ by ISSA (Gekijouban Kamen Rider Faiz Paradise Lost)
This Love Never Ends by Takeda Kouhei (Kamen Rider Kiva)
Journey through the Decade [TV Size] by Gackt (Kamen Rider Decade)

If you don't like the songs or the vid or both then bitch-ass fuck off. Don't bother watching it.

That'll be my rants for today.

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